Morris Rockgrinder

  • 2.5 channels - Clean and Distortion with 2 Master Volumes, all foot switchable
  • 50 watts, solid state rectification, EL34 output tubes
  • Global 'BITE' control
  • 2 configurations - Small box head and 2 X 12" cabinet, 2 X 12" combo
  • Tube effects loop
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • Completely hand-wired, with eyelet board

The Rockgrinder has been one of the staples of the MORRIS Custom Shop, available in a number of flavours. Going forward, the amp will only be available as a production model featuring two channels - Distortion and Clean - and a buffered effects loop. It now comes in two main configurations:

  1. Small box head with matching 2 X 12" custom cabinet
  2. 2 X 12" combo in a custom Bluesbreaker-style cabinet

The Distortion channel goes from a slightly driven blues overdrive to an aggressive, hi-gain grind. Extremely responsive, you can easily clean up the amp's distortion with your guitar's volume control. When you switch to the Lead Master an extra gain boost is automatically added.

The Clean channel has a very rich sound, with full, three-band tone control. It captures the essence of the 60's American characteristics.

The 2 X 12" extension cabinet and 2 X 12" combo are loaded with a combination of Celestion Vintage 30 and Celestion G12-H30 speakers.

The Rockgrinder is distributed by Tonehaven. To try one out, or for more purchase information, please e-mail Tonehaven at or visit

Suggested Retail Pricing (USD):

Head: $ 2,795
Head & 2 X 12" cabinet: $ 3,395
2 X 12" Combo:$ 3,095
1 X 12" Combo (w/ EV12L): $ 3,095

Glen Morris Demonstrates the Rockgrinder