Morris Producer panel
  • 2 Channels - Clean and Distortion, foot switchable
  • Switchable gain stage on the hi-gain channel
  • Global 'DEPTH' control
  • 45 watts, tube rectification, 6L6 output tubes
  • 2x12" speaker combo - Celestion Greenback and Vintage 30
  • Custom pine cabinet with floating birch ply baffle
  • Effects loop (true bypass switch)
  • Completely hand-wired, with eyelet board
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers

Part of the unique sweetness of the Producer comes from the combination of a custom pine cabinet, a thinner floating baffle and British-style speakers. Coupled with exclusive Mercury Magnetics transformers, these elements allow the amp to cover a lot of ground. Certain settings on this amp suggest EL34s, but, in fact, we run 6L6 output tubes for their strength and response to the unique output transformer. The Distortion channel is one of our most versatile. There are two controls governing the gain/distortion of the preamp. The CRUNCH control and related circuitry is designed to be bright and tight; the DRIVE control dials in levels of fatness/fullness. We have added two switches to allow further shaping and texturing, one offering a choice of American-British characteristics and the other offering the option of a higher gain stage.

The Clean channel is one of the thickest and smoothest I make. Add to that the response of a floating baffle and it 'fills' the room. It works great with single coil or humbuckers.

Speaker choice is a combination of a Celestion Vintage 30 and a Celestion Greenback - as this best supported the wide variety of possibilities in both channels.

For those who miss reverb, I have an effects loop installed to accommodate some of the great new pedals out in the market.

Glen Morris Demonstrates the Producer

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