Morris Perplex'd
  • Dual channel; footswitch w/LED
  • 50 Watts
  • EL34 output tubes
  • 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Tube buffered effects loop
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • Box dimensions: 9 1/2"(H) X 25 1/8" (W) X 9 1/2"(D)

The Perplex'd is not quite sure which classic British "era" it's after - it does 'em all, capturing the essential flavours, without the limitations. Like all MORRIS amps, it will respond uniquely to different guitars and pick attacks. But, overall, it will retain strong British characteristics.

Each channel has a separate volume and master control, while both channels share the same tone controls. We have marked the CLEAN? channel with a question mark because unless you are playing weaker single coil pickups and/or are rolling back your volume, it doesn't play perfectly clean. Best described as 'tamed', the channel offers a nice contrast to the classic aggression unleashed in the Hi-Gain channel.

MORRIS ''PERPLEX'D'' Street Price - $2,749.00 US