Boutique amplifiers built to this level of quality are expensive. But the hand-wiring process is the strongest and most reliable way to build an amp, and it offers levels of tone that cannot be achieved through mass production techniques.

We realize that, especially for the typical working musician, obtaining the amplifier that best releases your creativity can be tough on the finances.

So, we offer a payment plan:
Once you have made a choice of amp and its particular specifications, you make a downpayment of one half (1/2) the total price of the amplifier. You will get a receipt, and we will start the build process. The amplifier will be shipped to you after you have finished paying in full. Be very sure of your order, because after we have started the build, it almost always cannot be changed.

The only rules we have set down for this plan are:

  1. You must finish the payments before 9 months is up.
  2. Once we have started building, your money cannot be refunded if you decide to not finish making the payments.

Of course, paying in full up front is most desired and will get you your amplifier more quickly.

At this time, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, International Postal Money Orders and registered cheques.

The average turnaround time from the end of payment until you receive your amp is approximately 4 to 8 weeks - depending on the payment option you have chosen.


All MORRIS Custom Shop amplifiers are under warranty for two (2) years from the delivery date of the completed unit. Mercury Magnetics transformers are warranted for ten years on their workmanship. All parts we use are UL or CSA approved.