This amp was literally designed and made for Joe Perry. He has toured across the world with it now. As far as I know - there has been no one else commissioned to make a particular amp for him - he has just used models in existence. They told me what was needed - Trace (his tech) and Jack Douglas.

MORRIS ''MO-JO'' Street Price - $2,359.00 US

Morris Mo-Jo

  • Single channel, no master volume, no effects loop
  • 2- EL34's cathode biased Class A
  • 33/18/8 switchable watts
  • Volume, Treble, Bass, Mids, Presence. 'Shift' toggle switch.
  • 4,8,16 output impedance. No neg. feedback
  • Shift switch gives slightly different midrange and top end characteristic. Reminisent of Vox(tm) to Marshall(tm).
  • This hand wired production model 'loves' 12" greenbacks.
  • 18 and 8 watt settings by nature give a more Marshall(tm) tone.
Joe Perry playing a Morris Amp